Evolutionary Branding: How To Create A Powerful Name

No organization will use anything as often as they use their name. Every business card, webpage, ad, business listing and sales pitch will prominently feature their name.

Evolutionary Branding: How To Create An Effective Logo

Big brands approach the branding process strategically, and small businesses tend to approach the branding process visually — usually with just a logo.

Evolutionary Branding: A Survival Guide For Small Businesses, Startups And Nonprofits

We have developed a process called “evolutionary branding.” This involves looking over an organization and assessing what we can do to achieve the most amount of impact for the least amount of money.

Evolutionary Branding

“Evolutionary Branding” is a term I coined to describe the process of slowly improving an organization’s brand identity as they can afford it. You start with the low-hanging fruit and, as the business grows, you add the polish and nuance that make your brand iconic.

How Important Is Page Speed Really?

I have an 8-year-old, and if you’re a parent, you probably know the game “Would you rather.” Here’s how I play “Would you rather” with our clients: I ask them, “Would you rather have a fast website or sell stuff?”

Use Branding To Prevent Your Professional Decline After 50

I recently read an article about managing your professional decline, and laughed, why would anyone want to manage their professional decline when they can prevent it all together. Having recently crossed the dreaded 50 threshold myself, and after watching many of my talented colleagues struggle with this firsthand, I want to offer some advice.

Clutch.co Recognizes The Bureau of Small Projects as a Premiere California Agency

Established in 2013, The Bureau of Small Projects has created big brand experiences for hundreds of small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and non-profits. While no one builds websites that convert better than we do, a great website without traffic is a non-starter.

How To Make Luck A Part Of Your Brand

Lately, I’ve become fascinated by luck and specifically how MY (already good) luck can be improved.  Can you ever have too much luck?  Then, as I learned more about it, I wondered if I could  integrate luck with branding.  

How Kindness Means Good Business Year-Round

Our agency is frequently called upon to brand or rebrand organizations, which entails creating or defining their brand vision with the goal of creating brand loyalty. We’ve found that one of the easiest ways to increase brand loyalty is to be kind. I’ve found this to be so impactful that I recently directed a feature-length documentary called Kindness Is Contagious about the benefits of being nice.